Are you putting up prices after the Budget?

"We only put the price of our cigarettes up, but people are still buying them. We didn't bother putting up the prices of our beers and stuff . We stuck by our current prices and have just looked around for offers at the cash and carry. It's not been that bad for us."

Kultar Chandler

Jobi's Off -licence, Stoke on Trent

"I haven't yet, but I probably will do. Cigarettes have gone up already and I'll probably put about 10p on a bottle of wine. The prices haven't gone up in the cash and carry yet, but I'm going to have to put mine up when they do."

Steve Nugent

Ten Till Ten, Liverpool

"We will have to - you can't keep losing your margins. But they are awkward numbers - sometimes you have to swallow the cost rather than put a strange price on a product. I think at the end of the day, retailers end up paying for the Budget."

Nina Ghura

Turbary Wines, Ferndown, Dorset

"I'm not sure yet. I'm waiting to see the lists from my suppliers. With the stuff I import myself I should be able to absorb it, but the other stuff will depend on whether my suppliers put their prices up ."

Kate Goodman

Reserve, Manchester

"I've only put up my cigarettes at the moment. If the prices go up at the wholesalers I'll put mine up. I was surprised the government put as much on wine and sparkling wine as they did. I don't know why they don't put duty on spirits, that's what I sell the least of."

Dave Banks

Fairview Off-licence, Gillingham, Kent

"We've put about 15p on some wines , but we are absorbing the cost on others. Customers haven't really reacted that much."

Bill Chadah

Supersave Wine Stores, Bournemouth