Midori gets revamp almost 30 years on

Fior Brands is launching a TV ad and print campaign to support an overhaul of its melon liqueur brand Midori.

The redesigned slimmer bottle and simplified front label aims to give the brand "a more stylish and feminine look", according to Nicki Daw, UK marketing manager.

Daw added that the bottle was in need of rejuvenation, because it had remained unchanged since the brand was launched in 1978 .

TV ads will be aired in Midori's key markets of Scotland and the north east of England before rolling out to the rest of the UK early next year. In-store POS, a sampling campaign targeting 45,000 drinkers and press ads will support the relaunch.

Fior has also cut Midori's sugar content by 20 per cent in an attempt to appeal to its target audience of women aged 18 to 30 years old.

"With worldwide government and health-conscious consumer pressure for a general reduction in sugar consumption, we have investigated and found that we can afford to reduce Midori's sugar content without adversely affecting the taste," Daw said.

Midori's new look bottle will be available from May.