International 'star' to hit UK

Carlsberg is getting ready to launch its second-biggest brand - Tuborg - in the UK.

Tuborg Gold Label was a best-selling beer in the 70s, but its popularity faded out in the UK - although Carlsberg continued distributing it here until earlier this century. The beer is still available in some international markets.

The new launch - Tuborg Green - is a 4.6 per cent abv lager. It comes in bottles with a "ring-pull cap", which is similar to a crown cap but means drinkers don't need a bottle opener, in 8x27.5cl and 20x27.5cl packs.

The launch will be backed by a £5 million marketing budget this summer, targeted at 18 to 30-year-olds. The campaign includes press and poster ads as well as internet ads on sites including and music sponsorship.

A spokeswoman said: "Tuborg Gold was literally one of those products which consumers just lost interest in, but our aspirations for Tuborg Green far outweigh the popularity of Tuborg Gold. Gold was more of a heritage product, but Green is more for the younger consumer."

Carlsberg UK marketing director Darran Britton said: "Tuborg is a star in the Carlsberg International portfolio and we are very excited about its launch in the UK. It has been a success everywhere it has been launched."

He added: "Tuborg will bring a new dimension to the beer market in the UK."