Pinot Grigio export ploy gets thumbs down from Alsace wine traditionalists

Alsace wine producers have agreed not to use "Pinot Grigio" to describe their wines in future.

Speaking to OLN at the London wine fair, Thierry Fritsch, of Alsace Wine council CIVA, said some producers had been angered by co-operative Caves de Turckheim's decision to label its 2006 wines a s Pinot Grigio - rather than the traditional Pinot Gris - for the export market.

"The problem is that the image of Pinot Grigio in Britain is quite a low product with very high yields; a diluted wine which is not very high quality," Fritsch said.

Alsace producers including Turckheim have now agreed that, while Pinot Grigio is a better-recognised grape variety in the UK, it is more important to protect the reputation of Alsace, he added.

Caves de Turckheim will revert to using the term Pinot Gris from the 2007 vintage.

EU law has also changed to give precedence to the wishes of local wine councils, so it will now be unlawful for Alsace wineries to use "Pinot Grigio".

Fritsch said total UK sales of Alsace wine had increased by 5 per cent during 2006.

He said producers are being encouraged to put a style indicator on back labels so consumers know how dry or sweet the wine is. CIVA is also encouraging its members to develop more modern-looking wine labels and consider bottling under screwcap.

Alsace Wines will continue to market its wines as ideal matches for Asian food through trade and consumer advertising this year.


Tasting table

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