Britvic puts its weight behind 7Up Free

Britvic has revamped 7Up Free with a new look pack design

to create a healthier image

for the brand.

The modernised packaging emphasises that 7Up Free is free from sugar, preservatives, colourings and caffeine, and aims to better communicate the range's natural lemon and lime flavours.

The redesigned packs also provide better on-shelf differentiation between 7Up Free and 7Up regular, according to a spokesman.

Britvic plans to spend £1.8 million on a marketing campaign to communicate the changes. Press and radio ads targeting women aged 35 to 44

will run until the end of August.

Marketing director Andrew Marsden said: "Whil e this new initiative on 7Up is reflective of the consumer trend towards health and well being, it also highlights the importance of taste and refreshment for consumers."

Britvic is spending £2.5 million on a marketing campaign for Robinsons Fruit Shoot H2O. TV ads will air during programmes, including

This Morning, Channel 4 News and Wife Swap, and poster ads will go up in shopping centres and on roadsides.

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