Cask ale brainwave goes live online

An online service which gives off-licences the chance to sell fresh cask ale without the hassle of installing and keeping casks is to launch on Aug


Beer4home offers

more than 100 cask ales from 15 craft brewers including Springhead, Breconshire and Arkells, in 10 or 20-litre polypins or 5-litre mini casks, which customers can order to pick up from you or have delivered directly.

Website creator Gary Tremble said: "The potential for this type of service is very much untapped at the moment, with only a tiny number of UK off-licences offering cask ale in any form, and then only a few local beers in carry-out packs.

"With our service you can provide your customers with over 100 ales from England, Scotland and Wales without having to invest a penny in stock."

To find out more call 0800 634 9938 or e-mail

How it works

1. Pay a £5 registration fee and choose the beers you want to sell

2. Set your own prices and margins

3. Customers order from you and pay

4. You order online or by phone

5. Beer4home arranges for your order to be racked and contacts you with your delivery date

6. Your beer is collected from the brewery and delivered the next day.