Sainsbury's stocks wine in plastic bottles

Sainsbury’s is stocking two of its wines in plastic bottles as part of a company drive to be more energy efficient.

The bottles, containing New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and Australian Rosé, will go on shelves from the beginning of August with more wines potentially being added to the range if the first two are successful.

Producers of branded wines are already said to be interested in bottling their wines in plastic bottles with Wolf Blass planning to launch its Green Label range in Sainsbury’s in mid-August.

Plastic, or PET bottles are said to be kinder to the environment than glass, because they weigh much less, and so use less fuel when transported. A 750ml plastic wine bottle for example, weighs 54 grammes, whereas the same size glass bottle weighs 400 grammes.

With the UK consuming around one billion bottles of wine a year, The government-backed Waste & Resources Action Programme says changing bottles to the lightest available could reduce carbon emissions by about 90,000 tonnes.

Sainsbury’s also said the plastic bottles, which are shaped like traditional wine bottles and are sealed under screwcap, are more robust and safer than glass.

The wines will be bottled in the UK rather than at source and will be priced at £4.99 for the Sauvignon Blanc and £3.99 for the rosé.