Quality low-alcohol wines do exist, says Ehrmanns

Ehrmanns is launching a range of lower-alcohol wines

with German winery F W

Langguth. The range -


Sichel S öhne Light & Fruity - will launch initially with a white and a rosé wine, and has naturally

produced abv levels of 9 per cent.

Ehrmanns' managing director Keith Lay said: "There is considerable focus now on promoting the availability of wines with lower levels of alcohol. Some wines are produced using reductive techniques such as reverse osmosis.

This sends the wrong message to the consumer, implying

wine has to be in some way tampered with to deliver lower

alcohol levels, with consequent implications for lower consumer quality expectations. In our view, a much more positive message is to promote th e fact that good quality wines with levels of alcohol from 9 to 11 per cent abv already exist."

Langguth's sales director Len Granger said: "In the past, we haven't really emphasised the naturally

occurring lower levels of alcohol of some German wines, compared with other winemaking countries, as the general trend in the UK has been towards higher -alcohol New World styles.

"There are signs

that a growing number of health-conscious wine drinkers are looking for well-made, lighter wine styles. Our winemaking tradition means we are uniquely placed to take advantage of this emerging market." The wines are targeted at "health conscious women who enjoy light, fruity wine styles".

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