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The Wine Rack brand name and a package of 13 of the best-performing stores have been bought by wholesaler Venus Wine & Spirit from First Quench administrator KPMG.

Senior figures from the company’s 11-year history analyse what was wrong – and right – with the UK’s largest off-licence chain.

Carry on at your convenience

20 November, 2009

Bargain Booze boss Matthew Hughes on succeeding in the recession.

Bargain Booze boss Matthew Hughes on the future of multiple specialists.

When less can be more

31 October, 2008

Could downsizing be the cure for the credit crunch blues? Nigel Huddleston reports on a beer retailer that swapped a shop for market stall

The Southwold brewer's retail arm is branching out of its East Anglia base. Christine Boggis talks expansion plans

Combining a bar with an off-licence, this unique business has proved a winner and it's all about word of mouth - as Nigel Huddleston finds out

Wine clubs can generate interest and create customer loyalty as well as make money. Graham Holter reports

A deli and drinks shop in West Yorkshire's Brighouse beat many to the eastern European explosion. Nigel Huddleston reports

Vin Vans' votes victory

18 April, 2008

Adnams' Cellar & Kitchen Stores has launched a delivery service by store staff to add a personal touch to online and mail order sales.

Up with the Joneses

04 April, 2008

With some 60 Welsh ales in stock, Edward Briggs is flying the flag for the vallies. Jeff Evans reports

Jolly good show

04 April, 2008

With a farm shop in their pub, one Surrey couple gets the best of both worlds. Nigel Huddleston talks to licensee Paula Briscoe

Metrosexual makeover

21 March, 2008

Nigel Huddleston meets a merchant keen to brighten up the image of wine retailers

Not just a draughts man

07 March, 2008

The Harveys brewery is viewed with great affection by the people of Lewes and its popular shop

stocks a surprising range of goods. Graham Holter talk s to managing director Hamish Elde


07 March, 2008

Nick Stephens

Bordeaux Undiscovered, Eldersfiel