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It's not dead, it's resting

31 October, 2008


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about to surpris e everyone,

thanks to the commitment of the top sellers. Graham Hol

Red Square Reloaded has been told to change its packaging because the original label does not make it clear enough that the drink contains alcohol.

Sales of vodka continue to march at the expense of Scotch.

So how much more can the spirit advance, asks Laura Clar

Make your shelves shine

18 April, 2008

Most spirits undersell in the summer, but there are many ways to expand their appeal. Christine Boggis offers some range-boosting suggestions

Golden age for aged rum

07 March, 2008

An often overlooked spirit is finally finding its way in the off-trade, says Nigel Huddleston

Emperor's new clothes?

08 February, 2008

Vodka prides itself on being heavily filtered and its USP is that it is neutral compared to other spirits. So what is the difference between a premium vodka and a cheaper version? OLN asks key suppliers and spirits experts

Here comes the grain

19 October, 2007

Learning about whisky is a journey of discovery, but with hundreds of big brands and niche malts to choose from, grain whiskies are often overlooked.

Getting into the spirit

27 July, 2007

With a major national advertising campaign and PR set to take hold in the UK, does rum finally stand a fighting chance? Laura Clark finds out

Spirit of the glitz

04 May, 2007

With the ingredients of a vodka with ice fast becoming debatable, Laura Clark investigates the fashion for add-ons in the off-trade

Gin slings its old image

20 April, 2007

Premium is becoming the watchword for this doyen of white spirits, says Richard Woodard

Stand by your dram

20 April, 2007

With funky companies attracting younger drinkers, now the whisky industry is thirsting after a newer market - women. Alice Whitehead reports