Blueprint: display bubbly

Independent retailers are being urged to put Champagne and other high-value wines on open display, instead of inaccessible shelves, in a bid to drive sales.

That will be one of the recommendations in the new FWD Blueprint for

Wine planogram, due to launch this spring. The scheme will be accompanied by an in-store tasting programme which will provide wine

sampling opportunities in 100 stores.

Scheme director Ross Shelley said retailers could achieve big sales uplifts by relocating high-value wines to the floor area where customers could access them more easily.

"We're moving retailers to go self-service on Champagne and high-value wines with the knowledge that, with the right security systems, they can see a huge sales increase," he said.


trialled this in spirits with Operation PLOD - 'putting leaders on display'. Some stores saw a 37

% increase in sales.

We're recommending the Alpha security caps used by Asda and Sainsbury's ."


Blueprint for Wine will take into account the recent surge in popularity

of rosé and Sauvignon Blanc, Shelley said, and offer tasting kits to independents across England, Wales and Scotland. The kits include glasses, corkscrews and fliers, and the tastings will be conducted by a Blueprint representative.