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'Cheaper than pop' sign goes

An off-licence in Ashton, near Wigan, has agreed to replace a window sign which advertised "lager cheaper than pop" after conversations with Trading Standards officers. A spokesman for the council department said: "We received a complaint about the sign from a member of the public who asked our officers to look into it. The danger in this situation was that the sign was very big, with a message that could be seen as promoting alcohol to children, or could raise concerns that people will make that connection." Hughes the Booze has put up a new sign, reading: "Lager makes you see double and act single".

Under-age seller loses licence

A Doncaster off-licence has been stripped of its licence after persistently selling to children. The Silver Street shop in Doncaster has been the subject of police attention for around two years.

Adults urged to say no

Police in Worcester have urged adults to help combat under-age drinking in the city by refusing to buy alcohol on behalf of children in local off-licences. Chief Superintendent Rod Reynolds said: "There is no doubt that strangers - knowingly or unknowingly - are fuelling Worcester's under-age drinking culture by buying and passing on alcohol when approached by youths. They may think that what they are doing is harmless, but if they could see some of those youngsters a couple of hours later they would have a different perspective."

Improvement zone action

Northampton's planning committee has decided to take legal action against an off-licence as part of plans to improve the appearance of shops in the Gold Street area. The committee said the council should

act after the owners of Booze City changed their shop front without planning permission and refused to alter it. Councillor Richard Church said: "This is a lovely building but the signs on it are a disgrace.The sooner we get something done to remove them the better."