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Q Should I start running three-for-£10 deals like the supermarkets?

If I do, will the increased volumes compensate for reduced margins?

A There's a shop near me doing a three-for-£10 on JP Chenet Cabernet/Syrah. If I buy from Booker, I can get a case of six for £18.99, which works out at just under £3.17 a bottle. Selling three -for -£10 would yield me the princely sum of 50p, which scarcely justifies the petrol costs and the time it takes to stack the stuff in the shop.

Barry, Croydon

A Three-for-£10 just doesn't stack up for us . We

offer reasonable wines on a temporary two-for-£10 before reverting to full price a month later.

Craig, Essex

Q Where can I get sample-size disposable plastic tumblers

for in-store tastings?

A Try They have

a good selection of tumblers which are probably larger than the ones you have in mind - but I find those tiny

ones are not much fun at a

tasting because it's almost impossible to nose the wine.

Marilyn, Cambridge

A We switched

to real glasses some time ago. We find it makes customers linger longer over the sample rather than throwing it back , and we're pretty sure we're selling more wine as a result . We have to wash up , but it's worth


Hayley, Bath

A The Take Home Blueprint team will supply a wine -tasting kit which not only includes plastic tumblers but POS material, corkscrews and flyers. There are details at

Hussein, Derby

Q Sweet shops sometimes restrict the number of children in the store to two or three at a time . Has anyone got a similar policy with boozy adults on a Friday night?

James, Wapping

Q Can a police officer or Trading Standards officer request you to halt an in-store tasting in an ill-judged effort to protect public morals?

Dave, Andover