Designated tills wont work: WSTA

The Wine & Spirit Trade Association has spoken out against government proposals to introduce alcohol-only checkouts, saying they will boost alcohol sales rather than curbing them.

The WSTA was responding to press reports that such a move was being considered by the government as a measure to tackle binge-drinking.

Checkouts would be operated by specially-trained staff, according to the Telegraph, which quoted a senior government source saying: "Having separate areas to sell alcohol will help us tackle this growing problem of young people getting tanked up on cheap supermarket beers and lagers."

WSTA chief executive Jeremy Beadles said data from Morrisons showed that shops that had separate drinks shops for historical reasons sold 4% more alcohol than those with

standard checkout s.

He said: "Why inconvenience ordinary consumers

Politicians would be better off working with the police to enforce the many laws we have that are not yet used rather than creating a walk of shame for millions of ordinary people who are doing nothing wrong."

Morrisons' corporate affairs director Richard Taylor added: "Having separate checkouts for alcohol will not help tackle alcohol misuse.

"The government should focus on enforcing existing legislation that tackles misuse rather than imposing unnecessary measures on the majority of people who do drink responsibly."