Bulmers bottling line to close

Scottish & Newcastle UK has confirmed it is to close the Bulmers bottling line in Hereford and cut the volume produced at its Tadcaster plant, resulting in the loss of 75 jobs.

A spokeswoman for S&N said: “We can confirm that we have carried out a detailed review of S&N’s bottling operations in Hereford and Tadcaster to ensure that we have the right structure in place to respond to the changing dynamics of the UK marketplace in 2009 and beyond.

"As a result of this review, it is proposed that the bottling line at Hereford will close and the capacity of the bottling line at Tadcaster will decrease.

"If fully implemented as planned in February 2009, these proposals will result in 75 fewer jobs across the two sites.”

The move has been slammed by workers' union Unite.

The union's Simon Powell said: "Coming at this time of year, a great many workers and their families are going to have a miserable Christmas and a gloomy start to 2009.

“We have to question the decision of the management at group level in taking capacity out of the Hereford plant as its cider product will now need to be transported by road to Tadcaster, adding to the global carbon foot print.

“Unite and local management representatives have put proposals to the company that would save them well over one million pounds and make full use of the Bulmers bottling line, yet they have still chosen to move business out of the area. This makes no sense to us.”

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