The future of drinks retailing technology

How much of a role will technology play in the shops of the future? What do consumers want and how can drinks retailers deliver? Lucy Britner reports

The latest in sustainable drinks packaging

What will the drinks packs of the future look like? Lucy Britner reports from the recent Act for Change symposium in Bordeaux

What is the biggest challenge in sustainability – and what is next?

From reusable packaging and recycling to going plastic-free and carbon neutral, there’s a lot being said about sustainability right now. How can you cut through the noise to find the issue that matters most? 

Communicating sustainability with consumers - comment

We have come a long way from the early low-intervention wines, which hit shelves in the UK around a decade ago. Volatile, expensive, and often unexpectedly fizzy, many had me gasping in relative joy at the first glass of stringy claret afterwards. 

The August beer review

Jeff Evans back with his bimonthly beer review.

A roadmap for the future of cider

Breaching geographical and flavour barriers holds the key to unlocking future cider sales, says Daniel Hooper, co-founder of YesMore drinks marketing agency

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