The Co-op: Creating in-store excitement

It is no longer unusual to see queues at convenience stores across Britain and the pandemic has driven people to shop locally and less often, supplemented with online delivery orders.

Budvar's Czech points

The assumption when a drinks brand relaunches with a new look is that it’s to sell more stuff.

Vegan-friendly drinks

Thankfully someone came up with a name more glamorous than “chickpea water” and the versatile vegan ingredient aquafaba was born.

Nielsen Insight: Understanding your shopper

Anyone who has been into a supermarket in the eight months since the British public were first instructed to stay at home would agree that the shopping experience has changed significantly.

Millar's Tale: Lockdown 2.0

Back in May (which feels like two years ago) I took the opportunity to reflect on the positive aspects to be taken from the initial lockdown, highlighting the strengths inherent in more traditional independent retail business models and supply chains.

Jeff Evans: Being style conscious

Watching the judges at work during this year’s International Beer Challenge focused my mind on just how much the beer world has changed since the competition was first staged 24 years ago.

Victoria Burt MW: Why wine education makes a difference

Richard Hemming MW's recent article questioned the value of wine education, on the grounds that it neither boosts wine sales nor benefits the consumer.

Sunny Mirpuri: Protecting our people and planet

Protecting our people and planet: How retailers can navigate safety and sustainability during a global pandemic

Graham Gibson: How Covid-19 has fuelled alcohol innovation

Keeping spirits up: How Covid-19 has fuelled alcohol innovation

Richard Hemming MW: Does wine education make any difference?

Educating consumers about wine has become such an ingrained objective in the trade that we never question its value.

Nielsen insight: Off-trade can reap benefits of ‘missed’ occasions

It’s been just over two months since the on-trade began to reopen.

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