New Zealand revamps site

New Zealand Winegrowers has joined forces with the world’s biggest wine search engine,, on its new website

The revamped website is targeted at the wine trade, wine media and wine drinkers around the world, with links to Facebook, You Tube and Twitter, as well as growing numbers of New Zealand wineries.

“We are calling for all New Zealand wineries to create their own pages with links to videos of their harvests and winemaking on the site. It’s free and it’s one of the most far-reaching, powerful tools they have to market themselves,” said Chris Yorke, global marketing director for New Zealand Winegrowers.

The newly designed site is scheduled to go live in December. One of the most important features is its links to, which works via IT recognition. The site recognises the location of its user, bringing up information that is locally relevant.

“If you’re in the winery section at, say, Woollaston Estates and you press, it will show you where in your country you can buy Woollaston Estates wines,” explains Yorke.

The redesigned site is also multilingual. This makes it easier for importers of New Zealand wine throughout the world to use, as it incorporates multiple languages online, including Japanese, Chinese, French and Korean, among others.

“I’m not a big believer in saying ‘this is it’, particularly when it comes to social media. We have over 100 wineries and their feeds are on there now. This site will be constantly evolving,” says Yorke.

The new-look also includes a listing of tastings, which can be automatically added to online calendars at the click of a button, with a link through to Google Earth to show where the tastings are to be held.