Jabru BevCo pre-sells 34,000 beers via Naked Wines

A Surrey-based beer producer has pre-sold more than 34,000 bottles of four different beers produced exclusively for Naked Wines. 

Jabru BevCo needed to pre-sell 1,500 mixed cases (with 20 bottles per case) of its beers in the two-week period that the deal was live, earlier this Autumn. The producer managed to pre-sell 1,709 cases and has since been working to source the raw materials and book space in a brewery to meet this “incredible demand” for its beers. The beers will be ready to ship to the Angels this month. 

Naked Wines has had a beer subscription service since April 2017, offering 20 beers every quarter for £49.99, but this latest collaboration is a new move for the company. 

Ele Overvoorde, beer project manager for Naked Wines explained: “It started with a speculative email from Jabru’s founder, James Van der Watt, asking if we would be interested in listing his existing beer, Easy Pils, but something about his story caught my attention. It reminded me of the way we work with our winemakers. A hugely talented producer who is passionate about what they do and who is competing with the big boys for a chance to build their own business. We tried his pilsner and we were bouncing off the walls – an impeccable pedigree and the beer to back it up. 

“I trusted the quality but we were missing one crucial ingredient, the customers.”

Naked consequently put a mixed case of Jabru’s beers on its Marketplace page, an ‘all–or-nothing’ funding platform it has historically only used for wine. 

Van der Watt explained: “It became clear to me that this was an amazing opportunity to share my beers with beer lovers across the country and produce a variety of styles that highlight the core ingredients in beer.”

Jabru agreed to produce four different beers: a Vienna-style lager; a New World Pale Ale; a Saison and a British Pils.

He added: “I think it is a win-win for all parties involved. The Naked Wines Angels benefit from the exclusivity of the beers at a very competitive price before going on sale to the general public through the Naked Wines website. We will only package 96,000 bottles and we have already pre-sold nearly half of those. 

“There are currently over 2000 breweries in the UK, but most of them are focusing on cask ale and IPAs. Limited edition beers give beer fans the opportunity to explore different beer styles or ingredients that may challenge the norm. 
“There is definitely a trend now towards craft lager and our Jabru Easy Pils has been on the forefront of this trend in the UK and we intend to produce more lagers going forward.

“The response from Naked Wines customers was amazing. No one had tried the beer, it was just a leap of faith from the customers, which was incredibly humbling for me.”

Jabru already supplies its beers to a number of Majestic Wines stores and it currently uses another brewery to produce its beers. Van der Watt, who has 19 years worth of experience in the brewing industry, said: “By doing this project with Naked Wines I have some additional funding to invest towards creating my own brewery and I am also looking at other crowdfunding and private equity options to make the dream a reality.”

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