Artist Ghass Rouzkhosh creates limited edition for luxury Cognac

Luxury Cognac brand Rome de Bellegarde has unveiled a limited edition of 150 decanters designed by artist Ghass Rouzkhosh.

The decanter takes world peace as its central design theme and goes under the name Rome de Bellegarde XIII+I, a reference to the number 13 which is a recurring motif of the artist’s work.

Earlier this year Rome de Bellegarde released a 67-bottle edition called 1894 L’Eveil des Sens after entering the Guinness Book of Records when a 4cl measure of its spirit sold for £10,014, the most ever paid for a Cognac.

Rouzkhosh’s other recent commissions include the creation of the French footballer of the year trophy which fetched €240.000 at auction after being won by Paris St Germain’s Brazilian striker Neymar.

Rome de Bellegarde founder David Smeralda said: “We are honored to see our bottles reimagined by this masterful artist.

“He created a unique and stylish design that elegantly underlines the richness and rarity of our Cognac, while capturing how iconic and precious this drink is.

“This new collection marks the first of several exciting collaborations between Rome de Bellegarde luxury liquor and other meaningful artists.”