Dingle Distillery unveils latest small batch releases

The Dingle Distillery is about to unveil its next small batch, limited edition releases.

The news follows last November’s launch of the Irish Spirit Distillery’s Batch No 2 Single Malt and first ever Pot Still Whiskey.

Just 13,000 bottles of the Limited Edition Batch No.3 Single Malt has been produced, with an allocation of 600 into the UK. The distillery has also released 500 bottles of its Cask Strength Batch No.3.

Elliot Hughes, partner at The Dingle Distillery, said: “This release of our Batch No.3 Single Malt has seen a growth in what we have previously been able to release. As we age as a distillery, the volume of our whiskey is increasing, albeit still in very limited numbers. The 13,000 bottles that we have released is a significant increase on our previous release of just over 6,000 bottles in November 2017. This Bourbon and Port marriage will also be a departure from the last sherry based Single Malt.”

Batch No.3 (rsp: £80) is described as having a burst of black fruits on the nose which forms a tart, almost jam-like sweetness on the palate with some subtle notes of citrus peel. The liquid coats the mouth like warm honey, mixed berries and marmalade linger on the tongue.

The Cask Strength Batch No.3 (rsp: £125) is 59% abv and it reflects the original flavour of the Single Malt whiskey matured in a marriage of Bourbon and Port casks. 

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