Canned wine producer The Uncommon reveals plans for London winery

Canned English wine brand The Uncommon has launched a crowdfunding campaign to build its own winery in south east London.

The start-up currently makes wine in a contract arrangement with a Surrey from locally-grown grapes, and has a third party canner for packaging.

The £25,000 appeal through crowdfund platform Indie Go Go is aimed at building a winery and canning line close to its office in Peckham.

The Uncommon was founded last September by Harry Connell, a former Manhattan real estate executive, and freelance designer Alex Thraves.

It currently makes sparkling wine from Bacchus grapes which are being sold at £5 for a 25cl can by Selfridges, and has plans to launch rosé, organic and natural wines made from Pinot Noir.

The aim is for the winery to include a bar serving wine on tap.

Connell said: “I used to live in New York and in America canned wine is readily available. As an idea was germinating, England was beating Champagne in global sparkling wine competitions so I wanted to marry the two together with the aim of shaking up the wine category in the UK while raising the profile of our homegrown produce. 

“I asked Alex to join as the ying to my yang and we haven't looked back since.”