Plumpton College rebrands wine portfolio

Plumpton College has rebranded its entire wine portfolio as a result of its annual student design competition; and separately the wine education centre is also celebrating its first successful UK qvevri winemaking vintage.

The wine education centre collaborated with brand creation specialists, Studio Parr, to offer students the chance to contribute to the design of the new labels for its Rock Lodge and single varietal ranges of still wines.

This year’s competition saw entrants choose from two separate briefs. The Rock Lodge blends required a design to give the wine a sense of place, inspired by the vineyard, whereas the design brief for the single variety (which for this year is Bacchus), focused on the craftsmanship and beauty of detail, requiring a more muted colour palette “to reflect the premium quality of the range”.

Chris Foss, manager of the wine division, said: “Via the launch of this new competition we aim to further establish Plumpton Collage as a centre of excellence, and promote our new brand values of quality, enthusiasm and innovation. It will also increase the engagement and experience our students gain during their time at Plumpton. With the evident success of the English wine industry, we need to attract more students into the sector, and involve them in all aspects of wine production, including business and branding.”

The winning designs were by Lizzi Hobcraft, a first year Foundation Diploma in Wine Business student. The new branding will be launched at Plumpton’s Open Day and Spring Fair on May 12.

Separately, the wine division has also announced it is celebrating the success of ‘Project Marani’, which is a collaboration led by Artisan Cru with the purpose of supporting and celebrating qvevri winemaking in the UK.

Plumpton’s Marani provides a platform for both the research and development of qvevri wines as well as supporting educational programmes and studentships between Plumpton and relevant Georgian institutions. The initiative is supported by the British Georgian Chamber of Commerce and the Georgian National Wine Agency.

Foss said: “I fell in love with Georgia, its wines and its people during a visit last year organised by the British Georgian Chamber of Commerce. When Artisan Cru approached Plumpton to support this innovative project we jumped at the opportunity. Just last week 20 of our students went over on a study trip to Georgia to learn, research and understand the beginnings of wine making. I am very much looking forward to tasting the first natural qvevri wines made in the UK and seeing how they will continue to develop over the coming months.”

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