Bath Ales launches IPA and lager as bottled range is revamped

Bath Ales has unveiled new-look packaging for its bottled ales range and added a new beer to the line-up.

The new ale is the 5% abv Lansdown IPA, named after a hill that overlooks the city. The beer is billed by the producer as a west coast IPA and is made with five varieties of hops.

It joins a Bath Ales portfolio that includes Gem, Wild Hare and Golden Hare.

Its first high street listing is with Tesco.

Bath Ales is also adding Sulis, a premium lager in 33cl cans, to its range in Tesco this month.

The brewer is rolling out new designs across its permanent range of bottled beers and opens a new brewery plant that will double its production capacity next month.

Senior brewer Darren James said: “In honour of our west country roots, the new-look bottles are inspired by the unique and wonderful city that gives our brewery its name.”

Bath Ales was founded in 1995 and bought by Cornish brewer St Austell in 2016.