Kopparberg's alcohol-free fruit cider enjoys soaring sales

Kopparberg’s alcohol-free offering outsold Becks Blue, Heineken 0%, Budweiser Prohibition and all the other 0% abv beers on the market during December 2017.

Its range of alcohol-free fruit ciders – encompassing Strawberry & Lime, Mixed Fruit and Pear variants – captured an 18.4% share of the alcohol free category (IRI, four weeks to December 31).

That saw it command 7% higher sales than Becks Blue, and it was 79% ahead of the newly launched Budweiser Prohibition brew. Sales were also 49% greater than Heineken 0%.

Value sales of the range were up 14.7% on the previous year (IRI).

Senior marketing manager Rob Salvesen told DRN: “We are thrilled with the performance of Kopparberg Alcohol-Free and expect the proposition to go from strength to strength.

“As a result of this performance, we have just added our Blueberry & Lime variant to the alcohol-free range. Kopparberg Blueberry & Lime is currently our fastest growing variant within our core range.

“Kopparberg will also be investing £6 million in an integrated marketing campaign that will be activated via outdoor, digital, PR, social media, experiential and in-store channels. The multi-channel activity will focus on our core range of Kopparberg cider and for the first time ever, we will have dedicated spend allocated to our alcohol-free range.”

He added that Budweiser commands the higher price per litre of all alcohol free beers, and that Kopparberg sells for 30p more per litre.

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