House of Krug presents Krug Rosé 21eme Édition

Krug has added its rosé cuvée to its Édition concept, whereby it gives a number to each Krug Grande Cuvée expression.

Krug Rosé 21eme Édition, which is available now, is comprised around the 2008 harvest where a mild winter, overcast spring and cool summer gave concern over the maturation of the grapes. This was further compounded by a severe hailstorm in the village of Sainte-Gemme, which is reputed for its plots of Meunier. However, in September favourable conditions lasted throughout the harvest, resulting in grapes with a good level of maturity.

Krug Rosé is a relatively recent addition to the House of Krug’s repertoire, with the first Edition composed around the 1976 harvest, and presented to the world in 1983. Current cellar master Eric Lebel, said: “The creation of Krug Rosé always feels like a new step on a journey of discovery as I seek to create an unexpected rose Champagne associating distinction and boldness.

“This year’s Chardonnay wines revealed an unusual suppleness and expression of fruit, while the Pinot Noirs were characterful and bold, with a lively finish. As feared the hailstorm did indeed leave its mark on the Meuniers. Fortunately, Krug’s extensive library of reserve wines held a number of Meuniers from different years – a selection of which lent their vibrant notes of fruit and tension to the blend. Pinot Noirs from plots in Ambonnay, Mareuil-sur-Ay and Ay enhanced its bold and expression with their intense fruit character.”

The newcomer, which is priced at £230, is made from a selection of 57 wines, the youngest of which date back to 2008 and the oldest to 2000. The assemblage is 51% Pinot Noir (of which 10% is traditionally macerated as red wine), 41% Chardonnay and 8% Meunier. 

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