Dictador links up with multiple premium drinks producers

Colombian rum producer Dictador has announced a collaboration with a select group of premium drinks producers to create “a new take on a sharing experience”.

The spirits partnership, known as 2Masters, is described as “an expertly-blended decades-old liquid made from the finest hand-selected and meticulously-sourced global brand masters”. The exclusive partnership, which has been developed over two years, was borne out of a desire to create the very best spirit to sip in the world, according to Dictador.

It added: “Selecting the right partners with the required skills, knowledge and technical abilities were paramount to creating this product of perfect harmony.”

For the first time ever, Dictador will blend its minimum 40-year aged rums with other premium spirits and wines including cognac, whisky, Champagne, Armagnac, red and white wines and also bourbon, tequila, mescal, sake, port and baijiu to make up each blend. Each cellar master was hand-picked and invited to participate in the creations with Dictador’s own master blender, Hernan Parra.

As a result, 2Masters will see Dictador rum blended with products from: Hardy Cognac, Glenfarcas Distillery, Leclerc Briant – Herve (Champagne), Chateau D’Arche (Sauternes wine), Despagne and Labelle (Armagnac).

Master blender Parra said the new blends are: “A rare, ageless and unconventional piece of art”.

Benedicte Hardy, owner of Hardy Spirits, said: “Rum is a little more innovative. I think it is a very unique experience for us because I have known Dictador for a few years and I am very impressed about the way they approach the market. I am very impressed by the style of their products and I am really enjoying the fact that we can cooperate.”

The first bottles of 2Masters will be released in the second quarter of 2018, depending upon the resting and ageing process. 

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