WH Palmer celebrates 200 years with London Dry Gin

WH Palmer has launched Palmers London Dry Gin to celebrate the Palmer family’s 200th year of distilling. This is the producer’s first eponymous-brand gin produced at its Langley Distillery in the Midlands.

Palmers London Dry Gin is produced in the family’s copper pot still named Angela, which was built in 1903, and is distilled following traditional gin distillation methods. The botanicals, juniper, coriander, angelica, cassia, liquorice, orris and grapefruit, are steeped overnight in 100% English wheat spirit while being warmed, allowing the botanicals to release their essential oils.

Rob Dorsett, master distiller, said: “The resulting gin has juniper in abundance on the nose blended with hints of coriander seed and a subtle dryness from orris. On the palate there are spice and citrus notes from the cassia bark and grapefruit, while the juniper lingers into the dryness of angelica finishing with further citrus notes. Palmers London Dry Gin is clean, fresh and lightly balanced with pleasant citrus and dry notes in the background.”

The Palmer family has been distilling spirits for six generations and gin since 1920. They are responsible for distilling more than 300 stock gin recipes as well as creating bespoke recipes for more than 80% of the UK’s artisanal brands of gin.

The new gin has a retail price of £28. 

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