Bullards blends strawberry and pepper to create new gin

Norwich’s only gin producer has unveiled its latest variant, a unique combination of strawberry and black pepper.

Bullards Strawberry & Black Pepper Norwich Gin, which is described as being “ a sweet, fruity and slightly peppery combination”, is made using real strawberries, black pepper, cardamom and lemon peel.

The new gin aims to target gin connoisseurs who are looking for something “different, delicious and very drinkable, that can be enjoyed as a long drink”.

Russell Evans, co-founder of Bullards Spirits, said: “People enjoy a long and refreshing drink in the summer, so we wanted to create something that could be served in a tall glass with fruit and ice. We recommend ice, strawberries, mint and a dash of tonic or lemonade. Our Strawberry & Black Pepper Gin taps into the growing demand for more innovative and experimental gins and gives consumers a new way to enjoy gin this summer. Plus, the strawberry is quintessentially British so it is a perfect fit.”

The gin is available nationwide, priced at £40 a bottle.

Bullards, which also produces Norwich Dry Gin, distills all its gin in its own craft distillery in Norwich.