Pinkster launches alcohol-infused jam

Pinkster is introducing Gin Jam, a mildly alcoholic preserve made with fresh raspberries left over from the company’s gin production.

The gin-infused raspberries used to create the gin are a natural by-product of Pinkster gin; the core spirit is macerated with fresh raspberries to give the gin its distinctive light pink hue and fruity flavour.

Managing director, Stephen Marsh, said: “Gin Jam is very much in keeping with the brand’s ethos. It is natural, tasty and slightly quirky.

“Not only is it perfect for putting the tipple in your tea time but it lends itself to something stronger too. Jam appears to be on-trend as a cocktail ingredient and buoyed by the trade reaction of our own Gin ‘n’ Jam cocktail, the logical next step was to produce the jam itself.”

In 2015 Pinkster launched Boozy Berries, its first brand extension as a dessert ingredient, designed to be ideal for dipping in chocolate or using in a sorbet.

Marsh added: “The bulk of raspberries used in producing Pinkster are recycled as Boozy Berries. These inebriated little blighters have proved mighty popular and last season we made and sold 18,000 jars. The raspberries that don’t make the cut, because they’re rather too mashed, are now being used for Gin Jam.

“From a business and sustainable point of view, it’s a mighty tidy solution in that we are able to create a delicious new product and minimise waste. Above all, it neatly reinforces the fact that Pinkster is a natural premium gin.”

Gin Jam (2.5% abv) comes in 340g jars (rsp: £6.50). 

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