Ginraw: Barcelona's latest premium gin heads to UK

Ginraw, a gin produced in Barcelona, is on its way over to woo the UK’s off-trade.

The gin is the result of a collaboration between a chef, mixologist, a sommelier and a maitre parfumeur; the four combined their talents to create a “superior gin, suited to haute cuisine”.

Ginraw was launched earlier this year in its home city of Barcelona, and it is now ready for a full launch to include the UK, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Australia. The team behind the gin are also in talks with importers in Mexico, Japan and the US.

In the UK the 42.3% abv brand, which is produced in small batches of individually numbered 70cl bottles, will be priced at £50. It will be distributed to the off-trade by wine, Champagne and spirits wholesaler, Hammonds of Knutsford.

The brand was created by Roger Burgues and Lluis Jauregui, two Barcelona-born entrepreneurs who recruited the help of four experts to help get the perfect flavour and ingredients for the gin. The pair founded Mediterranean Premium Spirits, with the aim of creating and marketing new brands of excellence that are markedly different with added value.

The first of these four experts is Maitre Parfumeur Rosendo Mateu, who was involved in selecting the ingredients. He was also in charge of balancing the various botanicals, which, along with the juniper, give Ginraw its “peculiar aroma” and original character.

Mixologist Javier Caballero is the founder and director of cocktail specialists, Liquid Group. He worked with the team to ensure Ginraw had the “versatility to form part of the most innovative mixed drinks”.

Meanwhile Sergi Figueras, who was named Best Sommelier in Spain in 2012, reportedly has the ability to recognise the most profound of organoleptic qualities, which he used to help create this gin.

And the last of the four is chef Xano Saguer, who is the founding partner of EspaiSucre, which is the first restaurant to specialise in desserts and is also a prestigious pastry school.

Burgues said: “Ginraw is a blend of modernity tradition and craftsmanship, authenticity and creativity.”

Jauregui added: “Ginraw’s uniqueness consists in the distillation at low temperature of its botanical ingredients.”

The production method used for Ginraw involves a copper still to distil the juniper. It is produced in the Mascaro distillery in Vilafranca del Penedes.

The gin includes a range of botanicals including juniper, citrus fruits, lemon peel, citron peel, kaffir lime leaves, laurel, black cardamom and coriander seeds.

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