Kingsland reveals why consumers buy wines

Kingsland has carried out research it says goes beyond existing studies into wine shopping to look at why consumers buy wines when they do.

Wine PRO – which stands for Portrait, Role, as in the role the wine plays in consumers’ lives, and Occasion – has been welcomed by all the company’s retail customers, marketing director Neil Anderson told OLN.

He said: “It’s not good enough just to look at the person [buying wine], you need to understand the role wine is playing in their lives and look at the occasion when that wine is being consumed. The moment you do that you are asking the key question – why. That is where the real depth and quality of this insight comes.”

One of the key findings was that consumers still struggle to understand from wine labels what the drink inside the bottle will taste like.
Anderson said producers should tap into the trend for fruit flavours in cider and other FMCG categories by highlighting the fruit flavours in wine.

He said: “The wine industry still relies on thinking that consumers want to hear all about the region or heritage of the brand or winemaker or even more technical information. They don’t. Consumers just want you to engage on the level that entices them, and the one key area is taste and flavour.

“I think it’s about time the wine industry understands how you make fruit relevant to wine. If you can do that in a way that is not overkill I think consumers will engage with it.”

The research identified other potential opportunities, including targeting younger women who don’t feel wine is directed at them, meeting demand for sweeter flavour profiles and lighter wines, though not necessarily at 5.5% abv, and offering more packaging formats.

Kingsland is working on a couple of new projects based on the research’s results, but was not ready to reveal details yet.

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