London Pride in space mission

Fuller’s London Pride is going into space. 

A pint of London Pride will be sent up into the stratosphere in a weather balloon on July 5.

The ale is to launch from the White Swan pub in Whitchurch, where its journey will be tracked as it rises up 40km into space and then returns to earth.

Chris Smith, managing director of European Astrotech, the rocket scientist behind the mission, said: “The idea of this unique mission just came from a chat with Pete and Ros, [tenants of the White Swan], who jokingly asked if it would be possible. Of course, I said yes. 

“I have worked on many rocket launches as part of scientific and commercial programmes, but it is exciting to send the first London Pride into space. Test launches of our balloons and payloads have gone well. We are predicting that the beer will boil and possibly explode on its ascent, which will make for thrilling watching back down on earth at the pub when we retrieve the on-board cameras.”

White Swan tenant Ros Bangs added: “We were tired of seeing every village pub go ‘gastro’ so we decided to go ‘astro’. Seeing as London Pride is our top seller what could be better than celebrating our locals’ favourite tipple by sending it stratospheric.”

Although there have been a number of experiments into the effects of undersea ageing on wine, beer and spirits, little is known about the effects of space travel on alcohol.

NASA astronaut Buzz Aldrin took communion after landing on the moon, and said the low gravity meant the wine swirled around the chalice like syrup, according to the New Scientist.

A graduate student from the University of Colorado experimented into fermenting beer in space, with the backing of US brewer Coors – but said the resulting brew did not taste very nice.

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