Own-label Prosecco sales jump 90%

Sales of own-label Italian fizz have surged by 90%, making it nearly twice the size of the market for own-label Champagne.

Fuelled almost entirely by Prosecco, own-label Italian sparklers grew from £50.2 million to £95.4 million in the year to January 4, according to Nielsen research commissioned by Lanson Champagne.

Private label Champagne brands nosedived 16% over the same period to £43.6 million.

Sales of branded and retailer-exclusive Champagne fared better, seeing value rise 4% to £280 million. The figures show the Italian sparkling sector is worth £229.3 million, 45% of which is own-label.

Lanson said the Italian sector is dominated by Prosecco, which is boosting interest in Champagne.

Lanson attributed Prosecco’s phenomenal rise to consumers moving from still wine and spirits, rather than eroding the appeal of Champagne.

Paul Beavis, managing director of Lanson International, said: “Prosecco has done a great job for the whole category and people are now drinking sparkling wine every night of the week.

“A lot of people are now trading out of still wine into sparkling and if you can buy a bottle of Prosecco for £8 or £9, you would buy that rather than pay £12 for one of the under- belly Champagnes.

“There is also a feeling that Prosecco is good enough for the week, but not for the weekend of celebrations.”

Beavis added: “But ultimately, if people are coming into sparkling, we have to make sure we keep them.

“The challenge now is to bring taste as well as branding and lifestyle into the picture.” 

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