Brewers invest millions in campaign promoting British beer

A group of the UK’s biggest brewers have joined forces to launch a multi-million pound consumer campaign to change the image of beer and stem slowing sales.

The Let There Be Beer initiative is intended as a “comeback” for British beer which continues to lose sales to rival categories including wine and cider by encouraging drinkers to reappraise their views and boost knowledge of the different styles. 

The push will see a generic TV commercial airing on screens tonight with further slots secured during big sporting fixtures and high-rating shows until the end of August. 

Brewers including Heineken, AB-Inbev and Carlsberg collaborated on the idea alongside the British Beer & Pub Association and the Campaign for Real Ale for what is intended to be a three-year project to reverse beer’s fortunes, focusing on its positive attributes including food matching. 

Jeremy Beadles, Heineken’s corporate relations director, said the brewers had collectively invested millions of pounds and were looking to recruit retailers from across the off-trade to champion the cause in their stores.

He said: “Our aim is to remind people why beer is such a great product. We have created this campaign and hope other individuals will take it on and get behind it. We have already had lots of positive conversations with retailers. We are running it as we would do a campaign for a major brand with a substantial investment and a three year commitment. If you are going to connect with consumers, you have to do it on a big scale and we have been buying media space like you would for a brand.”

As well as the national TV ads, additional plans include celebrity associations and a social media programme. 

A Let There Be Beer spokesman added: “This coalition is a first for the brewing industry and we are united in our passion for beer. Let There Be Beer is a rallying cry to the nation to remember just how good it is to have a beer, getting Brits rediscovering beer all over again and giving it a whirl on occasions which they might not have considered before. Let There Be Beer is on a mission to encourage a reappraisal of beer and will be focussing on demonstrating the diversity of the category, with a big focus on pairing beer with food.”

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