Sharp's launches Connoisseurs Choice bottled ale range

Molson Coors-owned Sharp’s has created three bottled beers to be partnered with food.

The Connoisseurs Choice range includes two 10% abv beers, Quadrupel Ale and Honey Spice Tripel (both 50cl), and the 4.5% Single Brew Reserve (33cl).

All are being made available in single bottles or three-packs with specialist beer retailers the main off-trade market.

Quadrupel is made with pale, crystal and chocolate malts, along with Centennial, Hallertauer and Aurora hops, fermented with three strains of yeast and matured on fresh Simcoe hops for a month at -1oC.

The resulting liquid is then seeded with a fourth yeast strain for bottled conditioning. It is intended as a partner to mature cheese and chocolate desserts.   

Single Brew Reserve is made using whole-cone Czech Saaz hops in dry-hop during maturation. It should be served as an aperitif or paired with light dishes such as salads or white fish.

Honey Spice Tripel is made with a Trappist brewery yeast to create “signature spice, fruit and tartness”.

A new Connoisseurs Choice range will be created each year.

Head brewer Stuart Howe said: “The beers in this range are all distinct. I haven’t gone for a theme because the Connoisseurs Choice range is designed to show the drinker the breadth of flavours and sensations available from beer.

“They are packed with enticing flavour, a partner to good food and something to savour. The flavours and sensations are intended to impress and astonish but not to alienate.”