Guala launches screwcap for sparkling wines

Guala Closures Group has launched what it says is the world’s first screwcap closure for 75cl bottles of sparkling wine.

Viiva can withstand liquid pressure up to 5 Gas Volume and keep a sparkling wine’s carbonation for weeks after opening – even when it is laid on its side in the fridge.

Simon Yudelevich, sales and marketing manager for Guala Closures Australia, said: “Viiva brings all the advantages a still wine screwcap has over cork firmly into the sparkling arena. It’s safe and easy to open and can be re-sealed without any damage to the quality of the fizz, which dramatically increases the opportunities for by-the-glass sales and drinking.”

The closure, which was developed in a five-year collaboration between Guala and glass manufacturer O-I Glass, launched in Australia last week with De Bortoli’s Willowglen and Trevi ranges.

De Bortoli national sales manager Peter Yeoman said: “We’ve made the decision to convert the entirety of these two ranges exclusively to the new closure because this technology is truly ground-breaking and will put Australia’s sparkling wine industry at the forefront of innovation.”

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