Wine Australia offers producers flexible options on generic involvement

Australian wine producers are to be allowed to cherry-pick the specific marketing activities they want to participate in rather than signing up for the whole annual generic programme.

The change is being bought in by Wine Australia from July 1 and is designed to give brand owners more flexibility in their level of involvement in generic marketing activity.

“We believe our market programmes are well-established and we are now at the stage where we can build in a bit more flexibility without compromising what we offer,” said James Gosper, Wine Australia’s general manager for market development. 

“This evolution allows us to present a diverse range of activities to our increasingly diverse range of stakeholders."

Gosper aded: “We’ve developed a suite of user-pays activities for each key market, with a focus on delivering growth to the category and offering opportunities for a range of stakeholders, including regional wine and smaller producers.

“Each builds on Wine Australia’s core activities in these markets and on our marketing strategy, which seeks to recapture the excitement about Australian wine and evolve our global position towards a stronger perception of quality, diversity and value.

“It is important to note, however, that this is not a change in marketing strategy. We will continue to provide [the] industry with core strategic activities aligned with the strategy, and funded through export levy revenues. This includes maintaining our international offices.”

Each Wine Australia regional director and country manager will be “very active in seeking commitment to their respective market activities”, Wine Australia said.