Morrisons and Asda tap into 600,000 Poles in UK

Morrisons and Asda have extended their Polish drink ranges to capitalise on the UK's growing population of Poles.

Morrisons has added a third Polish lager - Tyskie - to its range, which will join Zywiec and Lech on shelves.

The Bradford-based grocer also sells two Polish vodka brands, Graduate and Grasovka, with the latter only on sale in stores in areas that have large Polish populations.

Morrison s' licensed trade director John Spurs said Polish products were selling "very well in all stores" and that the company would also consider stocking products from other eastern European countries in the future.

He added: "Not only do we list it for Polish people living here, but it's also selling very well with the UK public."

Asda has also recognised the demand for Polish products and started stocking Lech and Tyskie three weeks ago.

Asda beer buyer Ged Futter said the beers had been introduced to meet consumer demand and he was already looking at extending the range.

Two Polish vodkas, Wybrowka and Belvedere, will also be brought into selected stores in May.

Asda spirits buyer Harvey Lees said: "We are trying to give each of the stores relevant ranges for their local community. Wybrowka will go to specific stores that have large Polish communities while Belvedere will go into stores in areas of high affluence." An estimated 600,000 Poles now live in the UK.