How often do you ask for ID?

"We're constantly asking . Some people get annoyed about it but, the way we see it, some people look over 18 and some people don't, so if they can prove their age then everyone is happy."

Emis Shah

Cool Country Off-licence Manchester

"Probably about five times an evening. Most people bring passports now and Challenge 21 has made the whole process easier because you can explain to people it's not because they look under 18. "

Nigel Cazaly

The Bitter End

Tunbridge Wells, Kent

"Sometimes two or three times a day, sometimes never. People are happy to be asked if they've got it and generally we don't get hassle.

Most people carry driving licences or have a Citizen Card."

Tairlock Guladi

Mayflower Wines Beaconsfield, Bucks

"Under-age drinking isn't a problem for me . I only sell wine, I don't take cash and I don't have any customers in their 20s.

I would be horrified if I ever sold to anyone under-age and I applaud efforts to prevent it."

Adrian Lake

Lake Wines

Henley- on-Thames, Oxford