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Campbell’s of Leyburn has served as a grocery retailer for the area for 150 years. It is a member of Costcutter but is

Ancoats General Store is described as being “no ordinary corner shop”. People can buy everyday and more specialist grocery products but they can also sit in, drink coffee and play board games. Sonya Hook talks to Mital Morar:

Londis Weymouth

19 September, 2018

This store in Weymouth opened nine years ago and has already picked up numerous awards for different areas of retailing. The unit wasn’t a convenience store when the team took it on, so it needed a complete refit. They have also invested substantially in the store over the years. Sonya Hook speaks to Dave Hiscott:

Nisa Local

14 August, 2018

Nearly two years ago this Nisa Local store in Peterborough was given a massive overhaul when the team decided to invest in a major expansion project that involved knocking through into the shop next


16 July, 2018

Holborn’s has been trading in the town of Redhill since 1974 and has undergone several refurbishments over the years. In 2005 owner Dean Holborn took on a second store in South Nutfield. He is now in the process of revamping sections of each store alternately. 

Tweney's Budgens

16 July, 2018

Jerry Tweney spent 10 years working for Guy Warner at the award-winning Warner’s Budgens stores in the Cotswolds. A year ago he decided to go it alone and he took on his own Budgens, Prestbury Village Stores, which has been a runaway success since it opened