EU and DEFRA fund wine training project

Plumpton College has launched a training course for the UK wine industry thanks to European Union and DEFRA funding.

Keeping Oz wine on top

How can Australia stay number one? OLN and Australian Vintage invited some of the trade’s biggest names to discuss its future.

Given a sporting chance

With a strong currency and impending high-profile sporting events, South African wine is better placed than ever, writes Andrew Catchpole

Cracking the Portuguese code

The country's tongue-twisting wine names maybe hard to decipher, but they offer a USP for independents. Are producers anglicising brands enough to tempt the average UK consumer, asks Richard Woodard

Consumers need a French connection

With sales of French wine still sliding, retailers are looking to demystify a complicated category for consumers. Christine Boggis reports

Seasonal savings

Limited funds this Christmas doesn't necessarily mean skimping on wine. Natasha Hughes reports

Gina Gallo

The granddaughter of Julio Gallo,

Meet your makers

Christine Boggis meets some of the dynamic people behind California's eclectic wine scene

Climate change in the vineyard gets the juices flowing

Top Californian climate scientists are investigating climate change and how it will affect grape-growing in the region on behalf of the Napa Valley Vintners' Association.

'Greenwashing' or a healthy attitude?

The golden state's winemakers reveal the pros and cons of going green. Christine Boggis reports

Seeing the bigger picture

Promoting regionality and more clout in the middle ground are key issues that California's wine trade needs to address in the UK. Christine Boggis reports from the sunshine state

Here comes the rain again

Patricia Langton looks at the 2008 vintage across the northern hemisphere

'Tis the season to be portly

To offset a rise in production costs, the trade's best performer in fortified wine will need to be even more stout and impressive this Christmas, says Graham Holter

New look for French sparklers

French sparkling wine brand Veuve du Vernay has been relaunched with new-look packaging.