Sunday trading for Bootle Scatchards

Liverpool-based Scatchards has decided to open the doors of its Bootle branch on Sundays to cater for its customers' changing shopping habits.

The independent retailer, which also has stores in Hoylake and Hoole, will be trialling the new opening hours of 1-5pm at the shop for the rest of the year.

Manager Jon Atkinson said: "We are just testing the water. We used to be in the city centre, but with the nature of the centre and its lack of parking, we decided to move to premises outside it in October 2005 so we could be more accessible to our customers.

"This is just an extension of that. As a nation, people are getting more into the 24-hour shopping mentality, so we thought we'd tap into that."

Atkinson said the presence of a Sunday market nearby that attracted 15,000 visitors every week was another reason for opening every day.

"We'll always open on Sundays in December, because it's a much busier month, but we'll review how it goes in the run-up to Christmas and decide if it's worth it," he said.

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