Aluminium bottle for new Beaujolais

Boisset, one of the first producers to release a wine in Tetra Pak in the UK, has launched a Beaujolais in an aluminium bottle.

Beaujolais brand Mommessin has already won silver awards for creativity, style and functional innovation in the World Wine Championships Wine Packaging Competition 2007 for the design, which Boisset says is recyclable and unbreakable.

The aluminium bottle carries a temperature-sensitive dot that changes colour when the wine is at its best drinking temperature, an innovation designed to encourage consumers to drink red Beaujolais slightly chilled. Mommessin also comes in a Chardonnay variant and is targeted at young women.

Boisset is also launching a Burgundy bottle-shaped PET in its Burgundian Bouchard Aîné & Fils range. The Pinot Noir comes in a semi-opaque green bottle that looks deceptively like glass and is mainly targeted at the catering sector. It uses Monoxbar technology to guarantee its quality on-shelf for 18 months, and weighs 49g compared to about 400g for a glass bottle.

"We offer our clients things they wouldn't be able to imagine themselves - we always try to bring new ideas, notably in the domain of the environment," said Jacques Dioque, general manager of Bouchard Aîné.