Innovate to keep the cider success story flowing

Your cider report (Oct 3) is right when it states that innovation has been a key driver in the success of the category, but this needs to become an ongoing process if cider is to remain front of mind with consumers.

Some brand owners appear to be taking retrograde steps, which marginalises the sector by promoting the idea that cider should always be based on straight propositions that

are of less interest than flavoured variants.

This does not mean the abandonment of heritage and quality standards. Rather, it is important that innovation is used to keep one step ahead of buying trends by offering product ranges that continue to match changing consumer drinks portfolios and lifestyle choices.

Creating new propositions,

such as flavour variants, keeps the cider sector fresh and moving forward rather than being left behind in the same

manner that the majority of RTDs lost their way.

At Brothers Drinks, we have benefited from taking this stance by achieving one of the highest levels

sales rates in the convenience sector (Nielsen, Sept

2008). But it is important that other producers follow similar paths in order to protect the future of the sector as a whole.

Nikki Langford

trade marketing manager,

Brothers Drinks