Cape Wine show makes way for World Cup

Wines of South Africa has announced it is cancelling the Cape Wine show because of a clash with the World Cup.

The event was scheduled for the autumn but WOSA believes attendances would be affected as many wine trade professionals will have already made one trip to South Africa for the football tournament.

Chief executive Su Birch said: "In light of the strong turnout expected for the tournament, and this once in a lifetime opportunity, we have decided to give the thrust of our focus to this event next year, instead of dissipating our resources and holding Cape Wine three months later.

"It would be unwise to expect press and buyers to return after such a short interval, especially in the present global recession. Cape Wine will resume in 2012.”

WOSA itself plans to bring foreign visitors to South Africa during the tournament next June.

Birch said: "There has been enormous interest from the European media and trade in visiting South Africa for the tournament.

"Our intention is to ensure these visitors are exposed to our producers and activities in the winelands while they are here.

"We will give them a taste of the true South African hospitality for which we have become famous and they will experience the spontaneous African warmth and excitement surrounding the games, while get to taste our wines in a new context."